I have always been interested in exploring what is beyond the obvious, paying attention to more than what is visible or audible. This has given me the skill set to get straight to the core of a problem or a situation.

For many years I used these skills in an established career path; university in my home country Sweden in the areas of accounting, financial information, investments and further on in my work life in managerial positions with responsibility and authority, living and working in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Switzerland. A very interesting life filled with exciting experiences, but also a life with many demands and restrictions.

When searching for ways of how to deal with the impacts on my life from many years of this lifestyle, I discovered approaches using another way to get straight to the point. Learning to divert my attention to my body I could get rid of tensions and reduce pain; I found this fascinating. In other words, I discovered how intelligent the body is and through this I recovered intelligence in a more general way. It felt like returning home to a knowledge that I had had before, but ignored for a long time.

For more than 13 years it is my profession to teach people how to heal themselves through deep body awareness. I love to be part of the satisfaction that comes with increased awareness of the body and to perceive a larger experience, learning to control or stop a life habit  that is no longer useful and thus gain the freedom to be healthy and well.