The sessions

The work is centered around exploring a set of problems that you want to focus on, i.e. a life pattern that you want to learn to control, a physical condition or pain; something that is an obstacle for you. In the first session we clarify the focus together, as part of this I examine your feet to look for reflex points supporting what we discuss and ask questions on what I observe. There is also time for physical work.

When the focus is clear we work in regular individual sessions once or twice a week, dependant on the urgency of the condition or pattern. The major part of each session is physical; I use touch, movement and instructions to direct your attention and increase your awareness of your body, your breathing and physical sensations. Each session is aimed at taking an additional step, to explore at a deeper and deeper level how to stop unnecessary patterns. With every step you take you gain more access to your personal potential. Working through the body is a very direct way to approach your specific focus, and therefore a way which most of the time gives immediate benefits and quick results.

It is impossible to predict in advance how many sessions are needed to reach your objective; it depends on your motivation, what happens during and in between sessions in your daily life and how quickly you learn. I recommend taking 4-6 sessions to start with and then evaluate.

Duration of session: 1 hour

Languages: English, French, Swedish

Please note: The sessions are not intended to be a substitute any kind of required medical treatment, and there is no demand for a particular lifestyle or ideological beliefs of any kind.